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Self-paced, personalized
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Small Group

Flexible, class-style
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Traditional, cohort-style
in-person tutoring

Getting Started

Most students start with a free diagnostic (“mock”) SAT and/or ACT. Book one now! Results will be emailed within 48 hours. After the score report has been analyzed by a Foley Prep Pro, we will arrange a consultation to determine which test is best for your student, get a baseline score, and design a tutoring plan to make the prep as efficient as possible.

If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help with an assortment of questions including choosing between the SAT and ACT.

Effective, Targeted Instruction

According to a comprehensive study conducted in May 2019, Foley Prep’s 1-on-1 and small group students gain an average of 220 points on the SAT and 7 points on the ACT after completing 10 hours of tutoring and 3+ practice tests.

This is not a cookie-cutter, volume-oriented program. More than 2,000 students have increased their SAT and ACT scores at Foley Prep!

Foley Prep Pros use both deductive (instruction followed by examples) and inductive (examples first, instruction after) methods in their lessons. They combine those with humor and relatable content to retain students’ interest, and have created an effective, proven method.

When deciding which type of tutoring is best for your child, consider his or her schedule, starting score, and goal score. Many families will start prep a year in advance. We recommend no fewer than 3 months of prep before your first test.


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Start anytime with our continuous semi-private 90-minute sessions for the SAT and ACT or plan on a 4-7 week set schedule of 2-hour cohort classes. This is not cookie-cutter prep – each session is tailored to the students who have registered. Average group size is 3 students, maximum 5 students.

Important Dates

Mark Your Calendar
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*All dates above are subject to change and/or cancellation. Check the official ACT/SAT websites to verify that the test you’re interested in has not been rescheduled or canceled.