| DAT Test Prep

What is the DAT?

The DAT (Dental Admission Test) is a standardized test that is necessary for admission to all Dental schools in the United States. The DAT is a computer-based, multiple choice exam that takes 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete with breaks included.

When Should I take the DAT?

The DAT is a content-based exam, so the best time to take it is after you have completed your pre-dental prerequisites. This means taking the test after you have completed Introductory Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology. For most students, this means taking the exam after their Junior or Senior years, but the true best time to take it is when you are fully confident with all of the content tested!

What is on the DAT?

The DAT is divided into four different content sections.

When and where is the DAT administered?

The DAT can be taken almost any day of the year at one of the hundreds of Prometric testing centers located throughout the United States. It is best to register for your test date at least a month before you intend on sitting for the exam, as you can always change the date if you feel unprepared!

How do I prepare for the DAT?

This is where Foley Prep can step in to help! The DAT exam generally requires 200-300 hours of dedicated studying. While this may seem terrifying, the first step to conquering this exam is to set up a study plan with Foley Prep. The Summer is a fantastic time to focus on this exam, as you want to have as much uninterrupted study time as possible. Due to the breadth of the content on the exam, we can help you learn the most high-yield topics and understand everything you need to get the score you desire!