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Perfect for students starting out in the 21-28 range on ACT or 1050-1400 range on SAT. Our average group size is 3 students. Maximum group size is 5 students. Foley Prep Pros adapt lessons to attend to the individual needs of each student. Foley Prep is attuned to the subtleties of the SAT and ACT to help students master the underlying conceptual and procedural understanding these exams are currently testing. 

  • Start by calling us at (732) 412-1416 for a 20-minute conversation even if you aren’t sure when to start or which test to take. Ron has given objective, expert advice to thousands of parents, students, and educators.
  • For very basic information about programs, view our ACT/SAT Class information page.
  • Every student goes at his or her own pace. We recommend at least a 3-month program before the first test, then ten sessions between tests thereafter. Most kids are with us for roughly six months.
  • Start anytime. We phase students into the program by first assessing them with a free initial diagnostic SAT or ACT before starting sessions.
  • A typical group has 3 students; after a couple of minutes of settling in, we start with a targeted set of problems which the teacher reviews. Within each session we cycle through direct instruction of concepts, problem sets and review, and strategy review to keep things moving and productive. Our instructors are content and strategy experts, they adapt lessons and style to the students present in the session.
  • By registering 24 hours in advance (most people book sessions 2-3 weeks in advance), you ensure that we can adapt each lesson to attend to your child’s individual needs.
  • Sit for a practice test every 3-4 sessions – these are excellent for mastering pace and test-taking strategy. Analyzing these tests also helps Foley Pros target specific concepts and strategies to help individuals progress in our program.
  • 10 or more hours of tutoring and three practice tests at Foley Prep lead to an average 220 point gain on the SAT – click here to view the study of 224 Foley Prep students.
  • Ready to enroll? Mobile users, download the ultra-cool Foley Prep App. Online users, press here to jump to our booking site.

In 2018, our unique class system helped more than 1,000 students achieve higher SAT and ACT scores. The average Foley Prep ACT or SAT group is 3 students – and the maximum is 5 students. We personalize each lesson to address students’ areas of weakness so no two lessons are the same. Five-day Boot Camps before each test are highly effective as intensive reviews and can have up to 20 students.

Private Tutoring

Choose from our group of experienced Foley Prep Pros who know how to improve kids’ confidence and mastery of content. Your tutor will consult with you and your child at every step along the way. View our getting started page, or view our New Jersey team and philosophy page.

  • Private, 1-on-1 tutoring is a concierge-level service that begins with a conversation on the phone. Call (732) 412-1416 anytime.
  • Foley Prep Pros specialize in SSAT, MCVSD, COOP, SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and other standardized exam prep
  • Academic tutoring for a wide range of academic subjects to AP and college level
  • Advising to help you make good decisions throughout your experience
  • 7 hubs in New Jersey that are comfortable, fun learning environments
  • 10 or more hours of tutoring and three practice tests at Foley Prep lead to an average 220 point gain on the SAT – click here to view the study of 224 Foley Prep students.
  • No extra charge for awesomeness

Get more details at our tutoring page.

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