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Protect your Investment


College is an investment. 

For almost all students, college is the first big investment they make in their life, and for many it may be the biggest investment they ever make. A considerable amount of time, energy, and money is spent getting a student into a college and then an even greater amount of time and money is invested to get to graduation. 

Given this, students and families need to do all they can to protect this investment and get the most out of it, however, most today do not properly protect this investment. Colleges themselves are no help and don’t provide the resources students need to enable them to get the most out of their college experience. Colleges today are failing our students in one of the areas it matters most, career development. 

But, first let’s take a step back. What does it mean when we say students and families are not protecting their investment?

  1. Students are not performing to the best of their ability academically and taking advantage of all of the resources their college offers
  2. Students are not taking the time to explore different career options nor taking the time to invest in the self-reflection needed to find one’s ideal career path 
  3. Students are not getting started on the internship and job hunt early enough and when they do start, not putting in the time and effort needed to really stand out. 

The core tenant of our career consulting program is to serve as that investment protection and help students not only make the most of their college experience but in the process enable them to kick start the career of their dreams.

Over the course of your student’s college career, they will work with their consultant to:

  1. Ensure they stay on track academically and to leverage all of the resources their college offers that you are paying a significant amount of money to have access to 
  2. Go on a career exploration journey to find out the career path that is the best fit for them and then create a detailed, actionable plan to get started on this career path
  3. Master the job application and interview process to ensure they not only get started on their dream career path, but have multiple offers to choose from 

“Can you imagine yourself in 10 years if instead of avoiding the things you know you should do, you actually did them every single day – that’s powerful.” – Jordan Peterson

Why does your student need this program? 

Enabling Hot Streaks

Career exploration is critical to one finding a hot streak in their career. As a recent article in the Atlantic highlights, the most successful innovators and creators in history had streaks of periods where they had phenomenal productivity. For decades, researchers have tried and failed to understand what drives these “hot streaks”, however, recently discovered the answer which is simply three words. “Explore, then exploit.” This means that right before people have hot streaks in their career, they have been exploring different avenues searching for the best opportunity for them, and when they found that best fit, they exploit it and have tremendous success. Our career exploration program will work with your child to go on this explore journey and then enable them to “exploit’ the career that is tagged as the best fit. They might not be Steve Jobs from the start, but if your child is able to start their career on a hot streak, they are on track for a very successful future. 

Read the full Atlantic article here 

Maximizing Pay 

Starting wages for recent college graduates are higher than ever, however, when you look at the data closely, you will see that these gains are really only true for the top 25% of college graduate wage earners and to a lesser extent, the top 50%.So the old saying, “the rich keep getting richer” is increasingly true for college graduate salaries. 

On the flip side of the scale, 41% of college graduates are considered underemployed (i.e., working in jobs that typically would not require a college degree) while wages in this bottom half have remained relatively flat compared to the top 50%. The bottom 25% of starting salaries for recent college graduates barely outstrip the starting wages for those with a high school diploma. 

College presents a great opportunity for your child to get a high paying career, but is by no means guaranteed, even for students at top universities. When enrolled in the Foley Career Consulting program, your student will work with their consultant to ace the job search, job application, and interview process and land the job of their dreams with a high starting salary. 

Minimize Regret

Over 2/3rds of college students today leave college with at least one major regret, which commonly is major choice. Many students do not invest the time and energy to think about different major choices, what it means for different careers, and in turn what is the best major for them. This lack of investment leads to a large percent of students who leave college regretting their major choice and the career options it leaves them with. 

When your student participates in the Foley Career Consulting program, they will work with their career consultant to go on a career exploration journey, testing their interest in different fields and corresponding majors to find the best fit for them. 

Reduce Anxiety 

Let’s face it, all college students today are stressed with a major source of this stress coming from the age old question, “So what are you going to do after college?” The unfortunate reality of the situation is that as student’s stress about their post college career rises, their ability to take action on career planning falls, creating a vicious downward spiral. 

With clear planning, guidance, and an early start, college students can avoid this anxiety and in turn best position themselves to land the starting job of their dreams. While enrolled in the Foley Career Consulting program, students will work with their consultant to plan out the job search journey, setting realistic timelines and milestones to achieve along the way. Searching and applying jobs should be exciting, not stressful, and Foley Career Consulting will enable your child to be 2 steps ahead of their peers throughout college and minimize the anxiety they feel in the process.

How do I join?

Please call 732-412-1416 to set up a free 20 minute online consultation with Jordan, our best-in-class career advisor who will do a deep dive with families and remain as their coach until the career advisory outcome is met.

Winter ’21-’22: 20 college upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) will be invited to participate. The introductory fee is $140/hr until December 1st.

Summer ’22: up to 40 students in the high school graduating class will participate in a weeklong program. The introductory fee is $600 until January 1st.

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