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Meet the Foley Prep Pros

Most Foley Prep Pros have been working 40 hours/5 days a week, 49 weeks a year, on salary, for an average of 3 years or more. We are the brightest, best, and largest faculty of permanent, full-time salaried tutors in New Jersey.

What Makes Foley Better Than the Rest?

We have the largest - and best - full-time, salaried faculty in New Jersey, 70% of whom have masters' degrees or higher. We love coaching students and parents without ever sugar-coating our advice or using scammy tactics found at volume-oriented test prep companies. At Foley, you'll find students working 1-on-1 and in small groups who will tell you that we put the student at the center of the experience. Foley Prep is a great place to work, and it shows in how much our students improve and how successfully we've retained excellent teachers while never compromising on quality.

Average SAT point gain
Average ACT point gain
Full time teachers
Average kids per session

Foley Prep teachers have gone to great schools, including...

princeton university

“My 3 children got 35, 35, and 1580 at Foley. One got 5s on all of his APs and 800s on SAT Subject tests. Thanks for everything!”

Matthew G, BRRHS father


Foley Prep Pros give clear, relevant advice without sugar-coating or scammy-ness. We are funny, smart, personable, and, like savvy older brothers and sisters, tell it like it is as we make the students work. We realize that the best compliment some parents have paid us is "My son didn't hate going to Foley. We love you for that."


Ron Foley and Steve Dechnik met at the Rutgers College Honors Program as underclassmen back in 1987. Ron worked as a tutor for The Princeton Review in 1989, then became an award-winning Director for Kaplan Test Prep before starting his own prep company in 1997. He sold that company to The Princeton Review and was the Director of the Kaplan College Admissions Division for three years. Steve got his MBA from NYU, and after a successful career in finance, joined Ron in 2013 on a mission to create the best test prep and tutoring business in the country - right here in New Jersey. We currently have 7 locations in New Jersey serving more than 2,500 students a year.

+220 points on the SAT! +7 points on the ACT. Proven results for thousands of clients!

We have helped thousands of students get into their top-choice colleges. In May 2019, we gathered the official scores of over 330 recent Foley Prep students and found that 10 or more sessions (or 10 or more hours of tutoring) plus three practice tests were incredibly effective.

Test Prep and Admissions Zealotry!

Professor Ronald Foley is a lifelong student, academic, administrator, and educationalist who grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey. He has officially scored thousands of SAT essays for the College Board. Thanks to his SAT tutor, Myles Bass, Ron scored 1540 (scales up to 1580 on today’s test) on his SAT which got him a full scholarship to study Art and Art History in the Rutgers College Honors Program. Myles’ overall positive effect also inspired Ron to become a test prep virtuoso, starting with his first students in Princeton in 1989.

After a decade working as an award-winning Director for Kaplan Test Prep and The Princeton Review (when both companies were decent to work for), Ron earned his M.S. in Pure Math and is now a doctoral candidate at Rutgers. He is a former administrator and currently in his 10th year as a tenured Professor of Mathematics at Middlesex County College, so he enjoys helping students of all levels, especially those who struggle. He has assembled a team of dedicated, full-time, permanent experts that leverages its strengths and Ron’s methods to help your child maximize his or her score. Foley Prep Pros are experts in each topic and strategy, and continually adapt methods, topics, and questions to address the needs of every group.

The Best & Biggest Faculty in the Best State – New Jersey!

We now have 15 full-time, salaried, permanent tutors on our faculty, working 40 hours a week and 49 weeks a year. Some test prep ‘gurus’ lose perspective, but Professor Foley knows that enabling his teachers to shine sets the right example for our students to do likewise. In this spirit, good teachers need autonomy. Foley Prep Pros have the autonomy to adapt every lesson and instruction to meet the specific needs of students.

Professor Foley has observed, evaluated, and trained more than 500 teachers in his lifetime. Foley Prep Pros are retained for their subject mastery and ability to connect with – and motivate – kids. We add only the best tutors to our permanent faculty of 12 year-round, salaried, full-time Foley Prep Pros. All are committed to your child’s success. What other prep service builds in up to 2 hours of prep time for each teacher, every day?

Practice Makes Permanent: Mock ACTs and SATs

We proctor SATs and ACTs every Saturday and Sunday during the school year and more frequently during the summer. We suggest students take these tests regularly, about every 3-4 sessions, to practice the concepts and strategies they are learning as well as build endurance for the exam. Taking regular practice tests is also a good way to limit the amount of homework we assign. Feedback is immediate and personalized tips and strategies are included. Individual test reviews are arranged by request as hourly tutoring sessions.

Flexible Pricing

Great value on 1-on-1 private tutoring and small-group session packages.

View our pricing information page for more detailed information.

Online Tutoring

Meet your Foley Prep Pro online if you can’t meet at a hub. Some students do both – some weeks online, others in person, while others meet entirely in person, and still others meet entirely online. Your choice!


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