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Our Freehold Tutoring Team is the Boss

Foley Prep Freehold has an excellent team of expert, full time, salaried tutors for the MCVSD (Monmouth Count Vocational School Entrance Exam), Freehold magnet school exams, SAT, ACT, and more. We do 1-on-1 and small group tutoring.

Most students begin with a free diagnostic exam (MCVSD, SAT and ACT), after which we have a 30 minute planning session, which is also free. This gives everyone a chance to discover our welcoming environment and meet Jamie, the head tutor of Freehold.

Call us today. We look forward to the conversation!

Freehold Hub Notables

  • Most people prep for SATs and ACTs over the course of several months. Scroll down to see weekly schedule.

  • 1-on-1 Academic and Test Prep tutoring. Standing appointments for private tutoring book up fast.

  • SAT/ACT prep is incorporated into our monthly supplemental learning subscription packages found here.
  • Small SAT and ACT sessions – average group size: 3 students. Maximum group size: 5 students.

  • We will help you determine which test is better: SAT or ACT. Practice SATs and ACTs every Saturday and Sunday at 10am – feedback within 24-48 hours.

  • Daily sessions except July 4, November 26, 27, December 24-26, and January 1.

  • Boot Camps – press here to view Boot Camp schedule.

  • Professional ambiance that promotes productivity.

  • Go to our Pricing Page for package information.


Call us to make a plan now!

Would you like to swing by for a visit? Please call or write us to book an appointment: if you just drop by, chances are we’re teaching or tutoring. Most people start by registering for a free diagnostic SAT or ACT. We have them every Saturday and Sunday at all of our hubs. After taking the test, every family gets a free 20 minute consultation to devise a prep plan.

Call or text us (732) 412-1416

Email us at

Class Schedule

Freehold Home Team



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