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Lift off with Foley Prep Pod Learning!

Pod-friendly microschooling at home, in a Foley Prep center, or online

Foley Prep has been offering supplemental learning for homeschoolers, at-home schoolers (district-paid), and test prep at our gorgeous locations for over 15 years in New Jersey. Since the initial shutdown in March 2020, we have expanded our faculty of more than 17 full-time and 40 part-time Foley Prep Pros, which has been preparing to deliver the finest supplemental learning program for school year 2020-2021. Most have Masters Degrees, and half are certified to teach in New Jersey, all are ready to give your child the best learning experience of his or her life.

We realize that your plans may be up in the air at this moment, but to help us serve you better, please spend a couple of minutes to fill out the Interest Form below. Registration is likely to close at the end of August due to limited space and programming tailored to address the subjects with greatest student demand. Foley Prep has never been a volume business: we remain smaller, simpler, and hyper-local, so we can continue to make learning fun, efficient, and effective.

We’re New Jerseyans, so we aren’t shy about loving or hating our elected officials. We can all agree on this, however: “In-person education dwarfs any remote learning in terms of the efficacy and the richness of that experience,” – Governor Murphy, August 29th, 2020 

Fall 2020 Basics

Pod Learning – tailored to your school’s curriculum and beyond

  • Enrollment is open to 6th-12th graders in New Jersey.
  • Our primary aim is to ensure that each student is mastering his or her school’s curriculum at a high level. Pod groups will be assigned to Foley Prep Pros with subject-specific mastery.
  • By incorporating timely test prep and practice tests (SAT, ACT, AP, SSAT, MCVSD – depending on grade level), we will motivate students in our pod learning to rise to the high standard colleges expect.
  • Private pod groups seeking at-home or custom scheduling at Foley Prep locations should contact us immediately.
  • Opportunities for enrichment beyond the school’s curriculum will be made available as we gauge the interests of our student body over time. These may include filmmaking, soccer, tennis, personal training/workouts, meditation and yoga, entrepreneurial activities and contests, programming in Java, C++, Python, and more. Our English teachers are buzzing with creative ideas!

When will Pod Learning start? What’s the schedule like?

  • Please get on the list by filling out the interest form below. Actual registration will open in the first week of August.
  • The program will begin in mid-September, after school is underway.
  • Students can enroll for half days, full days, monthly (30 day), and 3-month programs. It’s in the best interest of each student to commit to a regular, long-term schedule so our tutors can form the coach/mentor relationship over time.
  • Instructional periods are separated into Half Day Blocks: Mornings (10:00a-11:30a, 11:30a-1:00p), Study Hall (1:00p-2:00p), Afternoons (2:00p-3:30p, 3:30p-5:00p), Evenings (6:00p-7:30p, 7:30p-9:00p). 1-Hour Instructional Study Halls will take place in between Blocks. Details on subjects offered during each period will be published by August 3rd.
  • Each Half Day Block includes two 90 minute instructional sessions, structured as curriculum-focused recitations with a Foley Prep Pro who has expertise in teaching the subject. Half days also include an hour of general “Study Hall” in which students will be able to get answers for a wide range of subjects. Students will be kept on task, complete their schoolwork, and be held accountable with discussion and paper/online assessments. 1-on-1 and small group mini-lessons to assess any gaps in the student’s knowledge will be conducted throughout the sesssion.
  • Boosted WiFi will accommodate students who need to attend classes remotely from their Foley Prep location.
  • For working parents, we will offer an early drop-off period from 8:00a to 9:30a for an added fee of $20, unless the student is meeting a Foley Prep Pro for a 1-on-1 tutoring session between 8:00a and 10:00a.

Is Pod Learning in-person, at home, or online? What about covid-19? Do you have 1-on-1? How big are the group sizes?

  • We offer all three formats: in-person at one of our 7 beautiful centers, online, and at home. Foley Prep has always offered 1-on-1 and small group tutoring for groups up to 7, but 90% of groups will be limited 5 or fewer students. The teacher-student ratio will be maximum 1:7.
  • Private pod groups seeking at-home or custom scheduling at Foley Prep locations should contact us immediately.
  • Social distancing and PPE guidelines will be followed, including appropriate mask-wearing, cleaning between sessions, single-use print material, and limited rotation of teachers and students between classrooms.


Actual registration will begin in the first week of August. These early enrollment fees are effective until August 15, 2020. Each morning, afternoon, and evening will have an hour-long general study hall plus two 90-minute, subject-specific instructional sessions that must be booked in advance to ensure your child gets a seat. SAT and ACT test prep will be offered as 90 minute sessions within each Half Day Block. 1-on-1 tutoring offered for an additional fee. Monthly and 3-month pass holders can combine half days into full days. 3-Month Pass holders must use 16 half days spread out over each month. Unused services expire at the end of every 30-day period from the first day of enrollment.

90-Minute Session Half Day Blocks Full Day Monthly Pass 3-Month Pass
9:30a-2:00p, 1:30p-6:00p,




Up to 16 Half-Day Blocks Up to 48 Half-Day Blocks
$90 $160 $300 $2400 $6900
1-on-1 Academic Tutoring Below AP-Level
$100/hr $70/hr for Monthly Pass holders
Add-on 1-on-1 SAT/ACT/AP-Level Prep (group prep included in Half Day Blocks)
$140/hr $100/hr for Monthly Pass holders

Interest form. Pre-registration ends August 20th.

This interest form will help us better shape our programming to serve our families in each Foley Prep location. It's an interest form only - it does not guarantee a seat in the program, and it is not a contract. We welcome any ideas and will discuss details and enrollment by reaching out to each family starting July 25th. We have received a lot of interest already and are doing our utmost to create programming to meet the most demand.

Number of children and grade level

Preferred Time of Day

We realize that your plans aren't set in stone, but for our planning purposes, please let us know which time slots might work best.