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Prep for the SAT or ACT with your classmates or peers

Students who like working with other students and can’t commit to a rigid schedule can sign up for our flexible small-group test prep sessions online. Students who choose this type of session will work with different students in each class, and may work with different tutors, depending on scheduling. These sessions can be booked according to your schedule and comittments. If you can’t attend sessions at the same times on the same days every week, this type of session is for you! We have a variety of session packages to choose from, or you can book sessions one at a time. Either way, you can book sessions on your time, at your convenience.

During the Covid-19 shutdowns, we are hosting most of our online sessions via Discord, but our tutors are also equipped to use Zoom, Google Duo or Hangouts, Canvas, FaceTime… we’ll meet students anywhere! When it is safe to re-open our Foley Prep hubs, we will also be offering our flexible small-group sessions in-person at all 7 of our locations. Students are welcome to choose whichever option they prefer, or a combination of both!

Who should take group sessions?

We recommend our group sessions for students who have scored between 21 and 28 on the ACT or practice ACT and between 1050 and 1300 on the SAT or practice SAT. If your child has never taken one of these tests before, they can take one of our diagnostic “mock” tests (online or in-person) before they begin sessions!

What can students expect?

Foley Prep Pros design and target each lesson to the needs of kids who have registered at least 24 hours in advance. Every student in a group session works on the same material, and the session moves at a pace that will challenge each student without overwhelming them. The Foley method has proven extremely effective, combining both deductive and inductive methods with humor to retain students’ interest. More than 700 students increased their SAT and ACT scores using Foley Prep’s unique and proven method.

Students in online sessions will be engaged with encouraging text and live video chat with Foley Prep Pros who will utilize virtual white boards, screensharing to help with assignments, and other means to make learning more efficient and fun. In-person sessions are very similar, with authentic practice materials, up-to-date supplemental content, and expert instruction that combines to create dynamic and effective lessons!

We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of your child’s education and look forward to keeping our students on track and motivated during this most unusual time. Call us now to book a session at (732) 412-1416!

Scheduling Info

Start anytime with our continuous semi-private 90-minute sessions for the SAT and ACT or plan on a 4-7 week set schedule of 2-hour cohort classes. This is not cookie-cutter prep – each session is tailored to the students who have registered. Average group size is 3 students, maximum 5 students.

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