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MCVSD Entrance Exam Information

The MCVSD, or Monmouth County Vocational School District, is a prestigious high-school district for Monmouth County residents. There are many schools included in the whole district, but the five Career Academy schools requiring the completion of the MCVSD exam are:

  • MAST (Marine Academy of Science & Technology)
  • AAHS (Academy of Allied Health & Sciences)
  • BTHS (Biotechnology High School)
  • HTHS (High Tech High School)
  • CHS (Communications High School)

If you’re looking for help regarding one of these schools, you’re in the right place!

Get the Inside Track on the MCVSD

We are the ONLY prep program with more than 10 full-length mock MCVSD exams. In addition to our Research & Development team, our full-time, salaried staff of tutors are true MCVSD experts. In fact, four of our most popular MCVSD tutors attended MCVSD schools themselves! We ensure that our students are progressing in our program by tracking their performance, both in sessions and mock tests. Most importantly, many students who give us feedback about our program tell us that it is stress-free, fun, and informative.

January 2022 Results

Foley is the fastest growing MCVSD program in Monmouth County; we helped more than 250 current MCVSD students ace their tests. While we welcome all students, please recognize that many of our clients are "on the bubble" - those who have a reasonably good chance of success. In other words, we are not afraid to give honest feedback to families along the way.

76% of our preppers were accepted into various MCVSD schools! Here are our acceptance rates (#accepted/#applied) by school:

  • 47% HTHS
  • 87% BTHS
  • 89% CHS
  • 83% MAST
  • 83% AAHS

The competition is fierce (especially at High Tech High School), so the criteria for selection demanding. We are very proud of our students who were accepted, and even those who have fallen short have found working with us very rewarding.

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Entrance Exam Pricing (MCVSD, HSPT)

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Course Info

View Math Sessions for the January MCVSD Exam

Our small group (max size 8) math sessions focus on content and strategies to help students test their best. Foley Prep's proprietary Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and word problem materials target what's on the test. Super effective, and a little fun. *Note: This is not a set-schedule program, and students can attend based on their flexibility and other commitments.

View Reading Comprehension/Vocabulary Sessions for the January MCVSD

These small group (max 8 students) sessions will focus on material to prepare students for the English portion of the MCVSD test. We will cover interpretation of different types of literary pieces -- narratives, poetry, historical, and persuasive -- and teach comprehension skills that save time and increase efficiency. Additionally, we will strengthen students’ vocabulary by providing them with quizzes and analogies that will broaden their scope of challenging words. *Note: This is not a set-schedule class, and students can attend based on their flexibility and other commitments.


MCVSD Admissions Process

The process of applying to the MCVSD program can be a daunting and challenging one, but we are here to help! Make sure that you and your child attend at least one open house offered by the district in the fall, as it is a required step when applying to one of the schools. Under the "Important Dates" section, we’ve compiled the known open house dates and times for all schools.

The breakdown of the application is as follows:

  • 15% Grade 7 (full year) transcript (out of a possible 15 points)
  • 15% Grade 8 first-marking period transcript (out of a possible 15 points)
  • 70% admissions test (out of a possible 70 points)
  • 35 points for Math, 35 points for English

While test scores are most important (there is also a personal statement that doesn’t factor into the 100-point schematic), it’s imperative that your child’s transcripts are strong and provide as many points out of 30 as possible. Many of our applicants had 28 or 29 already from these two categories, so they were able to find a little leeway on the test results. Still, a minimum score of 89% (62-63 points out of 70) is recommended to compete with students from the same district and those considered later.

Here’s Liam teaching one of the MCVSD sessions in Holmdel.

Important Dates

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