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“I Love the vibe at Foley: Relaxed intelligence”

-Pingry Class of 2021 student who visited 2 other learning centers before joining Foley

Clear, relevant college prep without sugar-coating or scammy-ness.

Class of ‘20 top college admits: Penn 5x, Yale 3x, Columbia 2x, Harvard, MIT, UCLA, USC, UMich 3x, Vanderbilt x2, Rutgers HONORS COLLEGe 2x, more…

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100% Confidence

Simplify & de-stress at Foley


Dear Foley Prepsters-to-be,

Thanks for visiting. As summer heats up at Foley, our available tutoring time and sessions get filled up, so to make things simple and stress-free, it’ll behoove you to call us sooner (in June) rather than later (in July).

Foley Prep Pros are mission-driven, experienced professionals who are smart, direct, funny, and always personable. As a boutique, owner-operated business, we stand apart from cookie-cutter franchises and volume-driven operators who make grandiose claims. We get to know each kid as we deliver unique, customized instruction to maximize their gains. So you’ll never see scripted lessons, robotic lecture-style teaching (we have a setup with Khan Academy for that), or questions unanswered. You will see kids engaged 1-on-1 with tutors and in small groups with teachers who – like savvy older brothers and sisters – tell it like it is. 

“I’ve been going to Foley for tutoring since I was 13. Foley makes the whole college prep process painless. The tutors are experts in math, reading, and science. The waffles don’t suck either!

— Pingry Class of ’18 and UPenn Early Decision Admit

Students ranging from super-high scorers to those who struggle have been making big gains at Foley since we opened our first office in Watchung in 2006.  We’ve grown each year since 2013 and doubled in size from 3 locations to 6 in 2019 – all thanks to the successes of the thousands of students we’ve helped get into their top-choice colleges.

Start your prep anytime, but please plan ahead – session space and tutoring slots are limited and sell out at certain times of the year. We know you’ll have a lot of questions, so call when you’re ready: 732-412-1416

Here are links to the most popular pages on this site; each location page includes a weekly session schedule in which you can register for classes:

I am an award-winning former Director of Kaplan Test Prep and The Princeton Review Admissions Division, have been living the independent 24/7 Foley Prep dream for almost 20 years, and am a very active college admissions counselor, test prep teacher, tenured professor of mathematics, bridge player, traveler, cyclist and golfer. I have tutored more than 12,000 hours and have taught in the classroom more than 10,000 hours. I am a teacher of teachers (evaluated/trained/hired more than 500) and am uncompromising on quality when it comes to retaining Foley Prep faculty and staff.

Thank you for visiting. Please do not hesitate to call and ask for me on the phone if you have any questions at all. I look forward to the conversation.


Ronald Foley, Founder  Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University   732-412-1416

Ronald Foley, Founder

Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University

(732) 412-1416

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Come get inspired!

Press these links to jump to the pages of our full-service hubs: Warren Township, Bell Works – Holmdel, Rumson-Fair Haven, and Freehold.request a consultation

Private Tutoring

Choose from our group of experienced Foley Prep Pros who know how to improve kids’ confidence and mastery of content. Your tutor will consult with you and your child at every step along the way. View our getting started page, or view our New Jersey team and philosophy page.

  • Private, 1-on-1 tutoring is a concierge-level service that begins with a conversation on the phone. Call 732-412-1416 anytime.
  • Foley Prep Pros specialize in SSAT, MCVSD, COOP, SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and other standardized exam prep
  • Academic tutoring for a wide range of academic subjects to AP and college level
  • Advising to help you make good decisions throughout your experience
  • 7 hubs in New Jersey that are comfortable, fun learning environments
  • 10 or more hours of tutoring and three practice tests at Foley Prep lead to a 220 point gain on the SAT – click here to view the study of 224 Foley Prep students.
  • No extra charge for awesomeness

Get more details at our tutoring page.

“My daughter did 10 classes then private tutoring with Liam. Some places do tutoring. Some do classes. I love Foley because both the tutoring and the classes are excellent!

— Bernards HS mom of Yale ’21 Foley Prepster Press to text/call now 732-412-1416

Small Groups

Perfect for students starting out in the 21-28 range on ACT or 1050-1400 range on SAT. Our average group size is 3 students. Maximum group size is 5 students. Foley Prep Pros adapt lessons to attend to the individual needs of each student. Foley Prep is attuned to the subtleties of the SAT and ACT to help students master the underlying conceptual and procedural understanding these exams are currently testing. 

  • Start by calling us at 732-412-1416 for a 20-minute conversation even if you aren’t sure when to start or which test to take. Ron has given objective, expert advice to thousands of parents, students, and educators.
  • For very basic information about sessions, view our ACT/SAT Class information page.
  • Every student goes at his or her own pace. We recommend at least a 3 month program before the first test, then ten sessions between tests thereafter. Most kids are with us for roughly six months.
  • Start anytime. We phase students into the program by first assessing them with a free initial diagnostic SAT or ACT before starting sessions at any of our 7 locations.
  • A typical group has 3 students; after a couple of minutes of settling in, we start with a targeted set of problems which the teacher reviews. Within each session, we cycle through direct instruction of concepts, problem sets and review, and strategy review to keep things moving and productive. Our instructors are content and strategy experts, they adapt lessons and style to the students present in the session.
  • By registering 24 hours in advance (most people book sessions 2-3 weeks in advance), you ensure that we can adapt each lesson to attend to your child’s individual needs.
  • Sit for a practice test every 3-4 sessions – these are excellent for mastering pace and test-taking strategy. Analyzing these tests also helps Foley Pros target specific concepts and strategies to help individuals progress in our program.
  • 10 or more hours of tutoring and three practice tests at Foley Prep lead to a 220 point gain on the SAT – click here to view the study of 224 Foley Prep students.
  • Ready to enroll? Mobile users, download the ultra-cool Foley Prep App. Online users, press here to jump to our booking site.

In 2018, our unique class system helped more than 1,000 students achieve higher SAT and ACT scores. The average Foley Prep ACT or SAT group is 3 students – and the maximum is 5 students.We personalize each lesson to address students’ areas of weakness so no two lessons are the same. Five-day Boot Camps before each test are highly effective as intensive reviews and can have up to 20 students.

What makes Foley better than the rest…

Foley Prepsters make Bigger Score Gains in Less time

We’ve been expanding in New Jersey for good reason: our students make huge strides on their standardized test scores and in their grades because our teachers are incredible. Most are full-time, permanent, salaried employees. Not all students start out excited to get tutored or go to an SAT or ACT class, but bring them to Foley and you will see a transformation. We use quantitative data that we gather on each student (we keep records on each student’s performance over time) as well as qualitative data (that’s the people-part: we attend to learning affect through humor, thoughtful teacher-moves, and when all else fails, waffles) to make learning relevant, efficient, and fun.  View team and philosophy.

Average Score Increase: 220 points! PROVEN RESULTS FOR THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS

We have helped thousands of students get into their top-choice colleges. In a study of 224 Foley Prep students published in May 2019, it was found that 10 or more sessions or (10 or more hours of tutoring) plus three practice tests led to an average score increase of 220 points on the SAT. View the study by pressing here.

Test Prep and Admissions Zealotry!

Professor Ronald Foley is a lifelong student, academic, administrator, and educationalist who grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey. He has officially scored thousands of SAT essays for the College Board. Thanks to his SAT tutor, Myles Bass, Ron scored 1540 (scales up to 1580 on today’s test) on his SAT which got him a full scholarship to study Art and Art History in the Rutgers College Honors Program. Myles’s overall positive effect also inspired Ron to become a test prep virtuoso, starting with his first students in Princeton in 1989.

After a decade working as an award-winning Director for Kaplan Test Prep and The Princeton Review (when both companies were decent to work for), Ron earned his M.S. in Pure Math and is now a doctoral candidate at Rutgers. He is a former administrator and currently in his 10th year as a tenured Professor of Mathematics at Middlesex County College, so he enjoys helping students of all levels, especially those who struggle. He has assembled a team of dedicated, full-time, permanent experts that leverages its strengths and Ron’s methods to help your child maximize his or her score. Foley Prep Pros are experts in each topic and strategy and continually adapt methods, topics, and questions to address the needs of every group.

BEST & BIGGEST FACULTY in the best state – New Jersey!

We have New Jersey’s largest – and best – faculty of full-time, salaried tutors. Some test prep ‘gurus’ lose perspective. Professor Foley knows that enabling his teachers to shine sets the right example for our students to do likewise. In this spirit, good teachers need autonomy. Foley Prep Pros have the autonomy to adapt every lesson and instruction to meet the specific needs of students,

Professor Foley has observed, evaluated, and trained more than 500 teachers in his lifetime. Foley Prep Pros are retained for their subject mastery and ability to connect with – and motivate – kids. We add only the best tutors to our permanent faculty of year-round, salaried, full-time Foley Prep Pros. All are committed to your child’s success. What other prep service builds in up to 2 hours of prep time for each teacher, every day?  View team and philosophy.

Practice makes permanent: Mock ACT’s and SAT’s

We proctor SATs and ACTs every Saturday and Sunday during the school year and more frequently during the summer. We suggest students take these tests regularly, about every 3-4 sessions, to practice the concepts and strategies they are learning as well as build endurance for the exam. Taking regular practice tests is also a good way to limit the amount of homework we assign. Feedback is immediate, and personalized tips and strategies are included. Individual test reviews are arranged by request as hourly tutoring sessions. View practice test schedule.

Flexible pricing

Great value on 1-on-1 private tutoring and small-group packages. View pricing.

Online tutoring

Meet your Foley Prep Pro online if you can’t meet at a hub. Some students do both – some weeks online, others in person, while others meet entirely in person, while still others meet entirely online. Your choice! View Foley Prep Online. Press to text/call now 732-412-1416.


Professor Foley has visited more than 250 colleges and is the 1,000th member of HECA. He is also a member of NACAC, NJACAC, NCTM, and MAA.  In 2002, he scored thousands of SAT essays for the College Board. He has been to more College Board and admissions conferences than he’d ever care to admit. 

Ron meets regularly with senior-level leaders in education who influence the direction of standardized tests. We know where the SAT is today, and where it’s going tomorrow. 

If you are looking for concierge-level admissions consulting for college, prep schools, or graduate schools, visit

Inspired, relaxing learning “Hubs”

After working for The Princeton Review and Kaplan for more than a 10 years (then teaching HS math before becoming a tenured math professor), Ron opened his first office in 2006. Our newest hub is in Ron’s hometown of historic Haddonfield. Now there are 6 full Foley Prep Hubs and one satellite office. Students learn better in a controlled setting away from the distractions of home and the dullness of school. Our faculty gains from the collaborative atmosphere in which we exchange ideas to individualize learning for each child. View Foley Hub locations.

Accessible 365 days a year. Sessions and tutoring 300+ days a year.

Private tutoring for a wide range of tests and academic topics and an ACT/SAT program that is the most effective and simple to join anywhere. We are almost always open 6 days a week and offer 2 SAT sessions and 2 ACT sessions every night – and more on weekends. View schedule.

Flexible scheduling tailored to each child

With our help, select from sessions that progressively eliminate your child’s weaknesses. Book them weeks in advance or the day before. No two kids take the same path through Foley Prep. We recommend at least 10 Foley Prep small-group sessions or private tutoring appointments between any two tests. Students can join any week, pause, then continue. View our getting started page. Press to text/call now 732-412-1416

“He took the October 7 SAT and got a score of 1480. He is very happy with that score. Thank you so much for your help! Your team helped him increase his score by almost 300 points!”

— Ridge HS mom of 30-Day Unlimited Class Foley Prepster

19 Ivy Admits!

Congrats to our 19 Ivy admits who started as freshman in Fall 2019

“Hi Ron. ______ scored a 35! We are dying! Thank you so much for your part. Foley Prep classes and practice tests were game-changers!

— RFH Mom, September 2017

Private Tutoring

Foley Prep Pros meet in our Foley Hubs for almost all academic subjects through college level Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Reading, and Writing. Tests include SSAT, ISEE, COOP, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT, among others.

We recommend at least 10 hours of tutoring and 2-3 practice tests between SAT or ACT administrations.

View our getting started page, or call 732-412-1416 to get started with private tutoring.View Pricing

ACT & SAT Sessions

Foley Prep Pros have scored in the top 1% on their tests and have degrees from Yale, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and the Rutgers College Honors Program. They are experts in the SAT and ACT and with plenty of prep time each day, personalize each lesson so each student makes progress.

We recommend taking at least 10 sessions and 2-3 practice tests between each test administration.

View our getting started page, class schedule page, or call 732-412-1416. View Today’s Schedule

“The team at Foley definitely know what they are doing. We couldn’t be more pleased with our son’s progress. I admit, i was a bit skeptical – and probably drove Ron crazy these past few
months, no doubt. However, he kept telling me to just trust the process.. and he was right.. Thanks, Ron!!!!

— Facebook Review 12/16/17 Marlboro junior up 300 points on December 2nd SAT

Online Tutoring

Live from Foley Prep Studios in the Bell Labs Building in Holmdel, NJ! Eight Nobel Laureates worked here.

Liam is spearheading our growing Online Division and will guide each client through the simple set up process. Foley Prep Pros who have proven themselves as effective online communicators will be paired up with your child for convenient, effective sessions in any subject area or for test prep.

Call 732-412-1416 now to get started with online private tutoring.Learn More


College Admissions Consulting

Ron has been a college admissions pro since 1992. He has personally helped more than 5,000 students get into their top choice colleges. College Prep begins back in 8th grade for students aiming at the Ivy League. Ron’s growing team of admissions folks and essay editors on staff can take all the stress out of the process.

Success is following on success. Two of Ron’s admissions students started at Yale in Fall 2017. One started Dartmouth, one Cornell, and plenty of other students are thrilled to get into their top-choice colleges.

Admissions Consulting is a concierge-level service that accepts a limited number of clients. Please call 732-412-1416 today to get on the list. Go to Foley College Prep

Notables about our services and subjects taught:

  • SAT and ACT small groups (max size 5 students) and private, 1-on-1 tutoring.
  • Practice full-length, official SATs and ACTs every weekend.
  • HS entrance exam prep for MCVSD, SSAT, COOP, and ISEE.
  • Graduate school exam prep for LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT.
  • Academic subject tutoring college prep, honors, AP-level, and college-level. Algebra, Geometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Computer Science (Java, Python, C, C++), English Literature, History, Environmental Science, and more.
  • Concierge admissions consulting for prep schools, college, and graduate school.
  • Boot Camps for SAT and ACT Monday-Friday leading up to most SAT and ACT tests.

Press to text/call now 732-412-1416

Call now 732-412-1416

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