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Foley Prep Spaces

We are fortunate in that Foley Prep spaces have several conference rooms that allow us to maintain social distance between students and staff. Unlike other tutoring centers that put several tutors in one space with multiple students, Foley Prep has always had one tutor in one conference room at a time. We will continue this practice.

In-person scheduling notes

Previously, our maximum instructional group size was 8 students - in actuality, the average size was less than 3 students. For the foreseeable future, the maximum instructional group size is 5 students - in actuality the average size will continue to be less than 3 students.

All appointments, classes, and mock tests need to be booked with a minimum 24 hour notice. This will help us maintain proper social distancing. Foley Prep reserves the right to cancel classes or deny entry to students who have not booked in advance.

Students must bring their own notes, books, and binders. In the past, we have allowed students to borrow a book in our office, but we are discontinuing this practice. Since 2005, when we started offering free mock tests, we have always used single-use printouts of tests and answer sheets. We will continue this practice for the foreseeable future.

We will offer more mock SATs and ACTs during the week and on weekends than ever before. This is so that we can maintain social distancing. Some of our spaces allow for more than 5 students spaced 6 feet apart.

Online Options

For the past 7 years, Foley Prep has conducted online tutoring. We dramatically expanded our online offerings during the pandemic, and will continue to offer all of our services online for clients who wish to take advantage of this option. In the event of a future edict from the State of New Jersey, we are prepared to take any in-person appointments or classes online.

Safety Measures

  • Foley Prep will follow CDC guidelines for keeping our students and staff safe.
  • Students must bring their own masks (and gloves if they wish). We will have a supply available for students who forget, of course.
  • We will have directional signage to guide traffic flow wherever needed.
  • We will have signage directing students to wash their hands and wear masks.
  • We will have clear shields to separate tutors from students and students from other students to allow for a more natural learning experience.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available at all offices.
  • Up to 10 minutes of every hour will be reserved for "turnover" between clients so that we can sterilize the space before the next client.
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