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Tutoring. School Admissions. Experiential learning.


Ski the popular runs … or go off piste … with a Foley Fellow.

Academic & Test Prep Tutoring

The biggest difference a tutor can make in a child is seeing learning in a new light. Most children view learning as boring and painful. An educator who connects with a child can change this perception in an instant.

Foley Fellows are more than experts in their content areas: they are experts in connecting with kids and adults. Tutoring sessions last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the need of the child. Standing weekly appointments ensure that we

Ivy League College Admissions

Three Foley College Prep students started at Yale University in fall 2017. Another went to Dartmouth, one to UPenn, and one to Cornell University. In the past five years, Foley College Prep has helped students get into every Ivy League university, plus Stanford University. Ivy applications are the most demanding, and we are here at every step of the way.

College Admissions for Nonconformists

We have a vast amount of experience guiding students with a unique story to tell, including LGBTQ students. Finding the best fit college has never been easier.

Post-College Career Coaching

Getting ready for the big interview at a Fortune 500 company? To prep you, we will run through the gauntlet with a C-level executive who has interviewed thousands of candidates. Just one hour will make a major difference, but we recommend 3 separate hours to be fully prepared … and get a whole new perspective on how to be successful in corporate America.

College Admissions Consulting

The mind of a teenager can be as opaque as a solid block of marble. Foley Fellows are experienced at peering into this opacity to help students come to better know themselves. While most clients engage FCP services as they consider prep school options for their seventh grader, Foley Fellows are available to work with students as the reach the end stages of the college admissions process: selection & application, college board test planning, school visit planning, essay writing and editing assistance, and interview coaching.

College Admissions for Athletes

The conversation between a recruit and a D1 university is totally different than for a student who has to knock on the front door with a paper application. We will help you navigate the relationship-building process with coaches and the admissions office, and provide useful insights into how to interpret the sometimes conflicting messages you receive from each.

Prep School Admissions

There are a growing number of options available for primary and secondary education. From traditional boarding schools to online academies, we will educate you on all the options and help you select and apply to a program that fits.

Off Piste, Experiential Learning

From volunteer opportunities in China and Costa Rica to internships at famous tech companies, we will guide you through the whole process. These experiences can help any college application shine, but be prepared: there is no guarantee that the CEO of the company you intern for will give you a recommendation. Colleges are wary of any experience that smacks of “pay to play.”

College Admissions for STEM & The Arts

Professor Foley studied Art and Art History as an undergrad, then went on to get a Masters in Pure Mathematics. He is now a doctoral candidate in Mathematics Education at the storied Robert B. Davis Institute in the Rutgers School of Education.

Ron loves all students. While he tends to encourage anyone with a talent for STEM to actually major in STEM, the right side of his brain harbors the same love for those going into the arts.

We will provide insights into programs within particular majors at various universities. No two engineering degrees are the same!

Summer Placement – HS and college

Summer should be a time for recreation, but given the current admissions climate, students hoping to get into top colleges should show that they have spent at least some of their summertimes productively. Are expensive summer programs at Ivy League universities better than getting a summer job at a grocery store? Is it possible to get an internship at an exciting tech company in California, or closer to home in Bell Works?

We’ll help you find summer opportunities that will make a difference not only in your college application, but your life.

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