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Foley College Prep-01


Jocks. Nerds. Artsy types. A+ personalities. Slackers. LGBT.

A partial list of schools where our students presently study.

Ivy & Baby Ivy

Boston College

Columbia University

Dartmouth University

Princeton University

Stanford University

Yale University


University of Amsterdam

Rutgers University

University of Miami

Purdue University

St Joe’s in Philadelphia

Prep Schools

The Pingry School

Lawrenceville Academy

Ranney School

Gil St. Bernards School

Choate Rosemary Hall


“It was down to the wire at Dartmouth. The coach was saying “yes”, then he said “no”, then he said “yes”. Foley was there for me every step of the way.”

— W.P. Ridge HS ’17, Dartmouth ’21

“The whole college process was stress free. I couldn’t be happier choosing Emory out of the great options I was given. Thanks Foley!”

— S.T. WHRHS ’14, Emory ’18

“Foley’s understanding of the ins and outs of engineering programs was essential to Manav’s current success.”

— Parent of Carnegie Mellon University class of ’20 student

“Foley helped me choose a summer intership with a professor that changed my entire direction”

— RFH class of ’19 student

“I’m doing an independent study in Computer Programming with Liam, a Foley Fellow. He is amazing.”

— CBA Class of ’20 student
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