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Foley Prep’s Online Algebra 2 Midterm

Launched January 31. 2021

Are you worried that your child is behind on where he or she needs to be in Algebra 2? Do you want find out? This test will be the Emperor Has No Clothes moment for high schoolers who’ve had it easy.

This test was built from the ground up by an award-winning high school math teacher and a professor of mathematics that have been Foley Prep Pros for no less than 7 years. Because no one else will find out what the results are, students are encouraged to be completely honest (no photo math!).

Everyone will see instant results and get human feedback via email within 48 hours.

This midterm is $25. We will have a final exam that you can add on for $15. If you’d like to do an hour review with a Foley Prep Pro online or in person and get further feedback, it costs only $75 more, or $150 for the whole kit and kaboodle: midterm, final, and two total hours of review.

*We recommend using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop when taking the test*

Call or text us at (732) 412-1416 to get more information or to book your review session!

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